2014 - 2010

"A story to be told" is the title of a work in progress. It begun in 2010 as a way of dealing with a series of personal losses and tragical events in Anna Nybergs life and family. This extraordinary "concrete" background to Annas creativ impulses, has led to a change in method and expressiv vocabulary. From an explicit focus on abstract, more or less "non-material" and sitespecific installations, Anna has turned to the production of "objects" in the studio. In textile app- lications,paintings, sculptures and photography, issues of existens, re- lations and communication are delt with in an almost schamanistic man- ner. Each piece is here an individual work, as well as part of a larger con-  text, the story, which has no begin- ning or end. In a series of exhibitions, the pieces are put together (as a kind of scenography), in different manners, depending on room and place.

Johan Sandström, molekyl gallery, Malmö okt 2014