"A story to be told" is the title of a work in progress.

It begun in 2010 as a way of dealing with a series of personal losses and tragical events in Anna Nybergs life and family.

This extraordinary "concrete" background to Annas creativ impulses, has led to a change in method and expressiv vocabulary. From an explicit focus on abstract, more or less "non-material" and sitespecific installations, Anna has turned to the production of "objects" in the studio. In textile applications, paintings, sculptures and photography, issues of existens, relations and communication are delt with in an almost schamanistic manner. Each piece is here an induvidual work, as well as a part of a larger context, the story, which has no beginning or end. In a series of exhibitions, the pieces are

put together (as a kind of scenography), in different manners, depending on room and place.

Johan Sandström, molekyl gallery, Malmö okt 2014